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Lost Spoke Miniature Horse Ranch


We can’t remember a time when we haven’t loved horses.  Dawn grew up in Overland, Missouri and her parents and sibling love animals.  Dawn always had a horsy obsession and it remains with her today.   In the early 70’s, Dawn’s parents helped her purchase a two year old POA stallion “Navajo J’s Sun-O-Co” from Paul and Dorothy Bartlett of Broken Arrow Ranch in Robertsville, MO.  She began showing Sun-O-Co in halter for Paul as a weanling/yearling and purchased him as a two year old.  Dawn trained Sun-O-Co to ride herself with help from her dad at the end of the lead rope.  Just like he taught her how to ride a bicycle once he finally felt comfortable enough...he let her go!  She showed Sun-O-Co throughout her teen years in halter, western riding, western pleasure, bareback pleasure, stallion western pleasure, pole bending, and keyhole, and literally grew up with him.  She will always have a VERY SPECIAL place in her heart for him. 

I (Tommy) grew up in Hawaii and used to visit a neighbor down the beach from us and ride her horse with her.  I could never talk my folks into getting a horse even through we had almost an acre of land on the water with plenty of room for a barn and tons of riding area.  So I eventually used to get my horse fix going to the rodeos on Maui and concentrated on surfing in front of our own house.

When Dawn and I got married we started working horses together.  We used to re work horses that had previous “people” problems and started young ones under saddle and raised quarter horses.  Then while Dawn and I were on business travel in Rome, NY during 1993 we were watching a TV program about animals and their interesting stories called Mac & Mutley.  One segment that caught our interest was about miniature horses that featured Barbara Norman of Winner's Circle Ranch of Petaluma, California.  We were so inspired by her segment we made the life changing decision to even sell our prospective Quarter Horse herd sire by "The Dominion" named "Dominion's Two Eyed" at the Palomino World Show/Sale in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1994 and begin raising miniatures.

In our search for information and researching breeding stock we wrote everyone on the AMHA breeders list we could find and consisted of about 600 farms foreign and domestic.  Amidst the mound of great info there was a video tape of the horses at Grosshill Farm and while viewing their tape of over 50 horses a tiny yearling colt only 24 1/2 inches tall, all haired up, (other than his face) caught our eye.  His name is Grosshill’s El Hombre Falabella. He became our first miniature and the rest they say is history. 

With the arrival of our home grown Bay Leopard Appaloosa colt "Lost Spoke's Winter Dream Catcher" AKA “Catch” in March of 2005 we decided to focus even deeper on bolstering our appaloosa type breeding program with an emphasis on conformation and color that is capable of showing to top AMHA/AMHR levels.  Next year we will be crossing our two leopards and few cap stallion on our herd of approximately 30 mares.  Foaling season will just continue to get more and more exciting as we will continue to breed for the small show proven appaloosa types.

We live in high desert grasslands of Arizona at elevation 4200 feet, so we do get snow, have later springs, (compared to other parts of Arizona) cooler summers and rarely go over 100 degrees.   The view of the valleys and mountains is fabulous and just LOVE it!

We can’t end the discussion about ourselves without saying something about our tiny toy poodle that shares our lives.  Her name is Menehune. The name Menehune (pronounced mini hoon knee) is Hawaiian meaning little brown people of the forest and is the Hawaiian version of pixies, elves, gremlins, etc., which fits her to a tee. She IS a little gremlin and many folks on the show circuit have had an opportunity to verify that, LOL

Our web site is chucked full of pictures and info about our mini corner of cyber space. It's constantly under construction, so feel free to browse and return often for new items that have been added.

Thanks so much for visiting us and having the patience to read all of this!

Tommy and Dawn Thompson, Lost Spoke Ranch

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