Little America's Xenon Lazy Bones
AMHA# A 101775, born 2/19/1999
32 3/4" Red Roan Pintaloosa Stallion
Son of
Xenon-Light Vant Huttenest

Picture below was taken July, 2003

LB is a line bred "Orion" pintaloosa stallion. He is a grandson, great, and great great grandson of Orion Light-Vant Huttenest which concentrates his blood into almost equivalent of being a son of Orion Light. There is only one strain in his pedigree that isn't Orion, but Del's Cowboy from his mothers side. What a terrific cross!

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LB's first filly arrived November 2001! She is gorgeous and everything we could have hoped for. Her name is Lost Spoke's T -Day Creation since she was born on Thanksgiving morning. You can view her picture below.


Lost Spoke's Apache Dark Moon 2004 Black Pinto Colt Purchased by Robin Bennett, Arizona
Lost Spoke's Short Change 2004 Red Roan Pintaloosa Colt Purchased by Linda Jarosak, Arizona
Lost Spoke's Cajun Mackenzie 2003 BayTobiano Pinto Colt Purchased by the Aron's, Arizona
Lost Spoke's Touch of Spice 2003 Red Roan Pintaloosa Colt Purchased by the Mason's, Arizona
Lost Spoke's Poco Bandito 2003 Sorrel Tobiano Pinto Colt Purchased by the Spooner's, Calfornia
Lost Spoke's Bella Sera 2002 Sorrel Tobiano Pinto Filly Purchased by the Philip's, Arizona
Lost Spoke's Sonoran Senorita 2002 Sorrel Tobiano Pinto Filly Purchased by the Benavides, California
Lost Spoke's T Day Creation 2001 Sorrel Tobiano Pinto FillyPurchased by the Pasquale's, Arizona


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